Buddy Program

You are an incoming exchange student?

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15. January 2019

New city, new people, and a thousand questions? The flight is soon booked, the dorm is ready and classes are about to be picked, but you have no idea what you have ahead of you? You’ve never heard of Schnitzel, Schönbrunn or Würstelstand?

We can help you!
Get yourself a Buddy and get in touch with locals. They know the system, they know the city, they know how the university works and they know where the party is. Find a new friend, who will pick you up at the airport and help you get all set up. You can come to them with all of your questions or just have a (or a couple) fun night(s) out.

Are you interested? Just sign up here and pave the way for an unforgettable exchange!hochseilgarten hochseilgartenhochseilgarten

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You are a regular WU student?hochseilgarten

Registration open until


15. January 2019


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have friends all over the world? Do you want to learn a language but aren’t progressing because you have no one to talk to?


Or do you love Vienna and would like to show foreigners the best spots in the city?

Sign up for EBN’s “Buddy Program”, help exchange students settle in and join all the fun activities offered. You can meet lots of new people from every corner of the world and broaden your horizon – all you need to do is pick your exchange student up from the airport, and help him/her out in the beginning. So sign up and join us now!

Tasks: (Also check out our Buddy FAQ on our Downloads page)

  • Get in touch before the semester starts and answer the questions that come up
  • Airport pick up of your exchange student
  • Dorm key pick up in case your exchange student arrives outside of office hours
  • Administrative tasks (organize public transport ticket, registration with the city, payment of ÖH fee)
  • A little sightseeing around Vienna & a tour through WU campus


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 If you have any questions, please send us an E-Mail!