Our university WU


The WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is Europe’s largest and one of the most renowned educational institutions for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. Overall, over 26.000 students study at the WU, with 6.000 students starting every year. The university has very close ties to the corporate world. Many projects and lectures are organized closely with local and international companies.

The university is well known for its internationalism and its worldwide network with more than 200 partner universities. About 5.000 international students and 500 exchange students study at WU every semester.

In September 2013, the WU moved to a completely new campus, which has become one of the most popular attractions in Vienna. The architecture of the different buildings, planned by six internationally renowned architects, reflects WU’s vision for a modern university – internationalism, innovation and diversity. With a lot of bars and restaurants situated directly on the campus, it is not only an educational hub, but also a new space for social and cultural life.

How to find the University

The new Campus WU is situated in the second district of Vienna. The metro stations next to the campus are U2 Messe/Prater and U2 Krieau. WU is divided into several buildings, such as the Student Center (SC) with the Students Union and EBN, the Teaching Center (TC) with various lecture halls, the Library and Learning Center (LC) with the International Office and the Library, etc.

You will find an overview of the campus including a short description of each building here.