Wine tasting

White Wine – October,17th
Red Wine – October,24th
Sweet Wine – November,7th
€ 12

Austria and especially the area around Vienna is famous for its unique wine culture. White as well as red wines of the best quality are produced in various regions of our beautiful country. In order to discover the great variety of Austrian wines, we would like to invite you to three wine tastings.

It is important to mention that there are a lot of things which need to be considered when enjoying a good glass of wine. You’ll enjoy some of the best wines while learning how to drink it properly! Did you know that there are different wine glasses? You’ll learn the differences of those glasses, how to swirl the glass and how to drink wine like a pro.

Our first wine tasting will take place on October,17th at 7:00pm with “Typical Austrian White Wines” as its motto. You’ll have the chance to taste 6 delicious wines while enjoying some typical Austrian snacks. At the second event (October, 24th), we will introduce you to Austrian red wines. You will try 6 different red wines, from charming, fruity to full bodied. The last evening on November,11th is all about Austrian sweet wines, which are certainly amongst the world’s best.

The number of spaces is limited to 20 persons for each event, so secure your ticket quickly. The price will be €12,- each and includes wine and snacks.

For those of you who’d like to join us after the wine tasting, we cordially invite you to our little after-party at 9:00pm where everybody will be able to buy glasses or bottles of wine for cheaper yard sale prices. Our special offer is a “Spritzer Weiss” (white wine mixed with mineral water) for only €2,-.

Wein Raum
Piaristengasse 41, 1080 Vienna

If you’ve got any questions, just ask our team member Lamija and !