EBN-HoT cellphone plan

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Communication with your friends is very important during your stay in Vienna. As your home network provider is not working in Austria, you need a new cellphone plan during your stay in Vienna. With your EBN Friends Card you can get the perfect cell phone plan during your stay here.

1000 minutes or messages
GB of data
each month

You can get your completely free simcard at our EBN office at Campus WU . You can activate your simcard online. Soon you will find an explanation how to activate the phone plan down below.

After activating your simcard, you should top up credit on your account so your chosen phone plan can start. This can be done automatically each month, if you have a credit card or an austrian bank account. As long as there is enough credit one month after the last top up, the plan will continue automatically. So you can just quit the plan by stop putting credit on your account.

Activating and topping up your sim card is just as easy as getting it – find detailed information on how to do so here on HoT’s official website, or download the PDF version.